Welcome to RNA Therapeutics of the Future

With a plethora of investments, collaborations and 167 new drug developers emerging in 2022 in the field of RNA, next generation RNA therapeutics is reaching an inflection point.

The 2nd Next Generation RNA Therapeutics Summit returns as the only industry-dedicated meeting, bringing together Heads, VPs and Directors of mRNA, Molecular Biology, Therapeutic Modalities and External Innovations. This is your unmissable chance to hear how the next generation RNA field is progressing with limitless therapeutic and commercial potential.


Top Sessions You Cannot Miss:


Uncover the potential of tRNAs and circular RNA as the next frontier therapeutic modalities with revolutionary insights from Pfizer, hC Bioscience & Alltrna



Recognize and leverage the potential of circular and self-replicating RNAs as efficacious and novel immunotherapies with outstanding research from Orna Therapeutics, Replicate Bioscience & Capstan Therapeutics


Enhance your strategies of optimizing the scalability and stability of endless RNA and circular RNA with Laronde & Chimerna


Elevate your understanding of cutting-edge delivery approaches for next generation RNA therapeutics, such as tissue specific delivery, with breakthroughs from BioNTech, MiRecule, Oncorus & Tidal Therapeutics


Meet and hear from like-minded leaders who share the same goal of advancing next generation RNA therapeutics and find out what’s on the horizon from the likes of eTheRNA & Arranta

Who Attends?

If you are an RNA enthusiast and have an interest in the therapeutic potential of next generation RNA modalities, you should attend and engage in open discussion with 100+ thought leaders and decision-makers from biopharma and solution developers. Hear from 28+ speakers sharing transformative unpublished data to help drive your pipelines forward.  

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"It was a great one-stop-shop for Next Gen RNA therapeutics”

Previous Attendee, Chief Scientific Officer,
Tevard Biosciences

"Great opportunity to connect with science and the field in general”

Previous Attendee, CEO & Co-Founder,
Replicate Bioscience

"Well organized conference and good selection of speakers and opportunities to learn about RNA science and technology and about other companies and what they are doing.” ”

Previous Attendee, Head of Immunology,

"It was nice to hear about the unique uses of RNA and overcoming the common problems in delivery and manufacturing that we all face.” ”

Previous Attendee, CEO,
Circularis Biotechnologies