Pre Conference Workshop Day

Tuesday May, 24 | Boston, MA

Workshop A

Improving Toxicology & Pharmacology for Next Generation RNA therapeutics

9am - 12pm 

Taking into account the pre-clinical advancements of RNA therapeutics, there is now a greater necessity to characterize ways to improve the toxicology and pharmacology profile of next generation RNA therapeutics to better understand their mechanisms of action whilst maintaining efficacy. Combating the challenges associated with the toxicology and pharmacology of next generation RNA therapeutics requires a deeper focus and will be explored in this workshop to provide solutions.

This workshop aims to delve deep into:

• Reducing the toxicology and improving the pharmacology whilst maintaining safety and efficacy
• How to address future challenges from a non-clinical perspective?


Workshop Leader:


Susan Goody
Director, Head of Toxicology,
Moderna Therapeutics

Workshop B

Leveraging RNA Structure & Biology to Fuel Next Generation RNA therapeutics

1:00 - 4:00pm 

This workshop focuses on the current state of the science, defines the significant bottlenecks, and brainstorms potential solutions to better understand and leverage RNA biology and structure to open doors for discovery and development of next generation RNA therapeutics.

This workshop aims to delve deep into:

•Better understand fundamental mechanisms in RNA biology and applying those insights into discovering and developing novel RNA therapeutics
•Elucidating the structure of RNA
•Establishing the role of RNA in disease and exploring opportunities for next generation RNA-based and RNA-targeted therapies
•Latest advancements in tools and technologies to improve and optimize RNA biology and structure investigation for therapeutic purposes



Workshop Leader:

Andy Berglund - University of Albany - Photo

Andy Berglund
Director of the RNA Institute & Empire Professor of Innovation, Biological Sciences
University of Albany