8:00 am Morning Welcome Coffee

8:55 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

Overcoming Quality & Scalability Hurdles to Increase Clinical Success of Circular RNAs Towards Patients in Need

9:00 am Analytical Development of Circular RNA and Novel AEX-HPLC Purity Method for Endless RNA™

  • Francis Poulin Vice President - Analytical Sciences, Sail Biomedicines


  • Exploring various methods for the analysis of circular RNAs
  • Identifying the key challenges in the analytical development of high-quality eRNA
  • Discussing challenges related to purity evaluation of circular RNAs and novel analytical method

9:30 am Improving mRNA Vaccine Effectiveness & Immunogenicity for the Development of Safe Next Generation RNA Therapeutics


  • Discussing the specific challenges related to immunogenicity in the development of RNA-based therapeutics
  • Highlighting approaches to mitigate the immunogenicity of RNA molecules
  • Addressing the risk of immune responses and off-target effects associated with RNA therapeutics

10:00 am Challenges, Solutions & Considerations in Development, Scale-up & Manufacturing of Circular RNA

  • Jing Zhu Vice President Nucleic Acid & Viral Vector Technology, ReciBioPharm


  • Discussing the specific challenges in scale-up and manufacturing circular RNA drug substance and drug product
  • Exploring various technologies in process and analytics dedicated for circular RNA

10:30 am Morning Break & Networking

Successfully Develop First-in-Class Circular RNA Therapies with Groundbreaking Potentials to Treat “Incurable” Diseases

11:30 am First-In-Class Circular RNA Therapy for the Treatment of “Incurable” Diseases


  • Highlighting the diverse roles circRNA plays in cellular processes, including gene regulation and signalling
  • Exploring how circRNA therapy may provide novel solutions to address the challenges associate with incurable diseases
  • Presenting specific examples of how circRNA therapy can intervene in the progression of treating incurable diseases

12:00 pm Revolutionizing Therapeutics: Unveiling the CircularRNA Endogenous Biogenesis Platform


  • Explore the groundbreaking potential of CircularRNA in revolutionizing therapeutics
  • Uncover the mechanisms and applications of Circio’s CircularRNA Endogenous Biogenesis Platform

12:30 pm Lunch Break & Networking

Streamlining Clinical Success of Next Generation RNAs by Addressing Immunogenicity, Off-Target Effects & Risk Management Concerns

1:30 pm Panel Discussion: Navigating Clinical Trial Hurdles to Ensure a Streamlined Path to Clinical Adoption of RNA Therapeutics


  • Addressing the obstacles that must be overcome to translate innovative research into real-world clinical settings
  • Demonstrating how to translate different animal models
  • Discussing the importance of preclinical testing, toxicity assessments, and risk management
  • Evaluating to design the RNA to express in different cells

2:30 pm Afternoon Break & Networking

From COVID to Revolutionizing Cancer Treatment: Future Directions of Next Generation RNA Therapeutics Towards Regulatory Approval

3:30 pm Future Directions of Next Generation RNA Therapeutics Across a Wide Array of Diseases


  • Highlighting the benefits and prospects of next generation RNA therapeutics compared to traditional RNA therapeutics
  • Drawing cross-learnings from different systems to overcome overlapping challenges
  • Learning from diverse platforms to address shared hurdles and enhance next generation RNA strategies
  • Discussing how current techniques can be generated from COVID vaccines into cancer vaccines

4:00 pm Next Generation RNA-Based Therapeutics in Oncology: Current Progress & Future Prospects


  • Emphasizing the Significance of Next Generation RNA Technologies in Revolutionizing Cancer Treatment
  • Highlight specific RNA-based therapies that have shown promise in clinical trials or received regulatory approval
  • Discuss the hurdles associated with delivering RNA therapeutics to tumour sites 

4:30 pm End of the 3rd Next Generation RNA Therapeutics Summit 2024