Yusuf Erkul

Yusuf Erkul

Company: Kernal Biologics Inc.

Job title: Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer


mRNA 2.0 Immunotherapy for Cancer 9:00 am

Improvements in innate immunogenicity of mRNA therapeutics can expand their therapeutic window Cancer ribosomes provide a novel opportunity for the design of onco-selective mRNAs Stealth, onco-selective, and oncolytic mRNAs can induce tumor regression in syngeneic mouse models resistant to check-point inhibitorsRead more

day: Day Two

Breakfast Panel: What does the Future Landscape of Next Generation RNA Therapeutics Look Like? 9:00 am - 9:30 am

• What are considered as next generation RNA therapeutics and where is innovation expected to come from? • Lessons learned from the first ever approved/authorized mRNA-based vaccine • Upcoming challenges for the next wave of mRNA-based vaccine and next generation RNA therapeutics • New technologies for further improvements of mRNA therapeutics to achieve proof of…Read more

day: Day One

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