Accelerate Next Generation RNAs into Safe & Effective Clinical Candidates with Therapeutic Potentials Across All Diseases by Overcoming Quality, Stability & Large-Scale Manufacturing Hurdles

May, 7-9, 2024 | Boston, MA

Welcome to the 3rd Next Generation RNA Therapeutics Summit:

Pioneering the Next Breakthrough in Durable & Potent RNA Therapeutics for Patients

The field of next generation RNA therapeutics continues to progress towards clinical translation, with enormous investments and collaborations, such as Orbital Therapeutics’ recent $270 million Series A financing, and Circular Genomics' $8.3 million Series A for their first-in-class circular RNA-based clinical assays.

The 3rd Next Generation RNA Therapeutics Summit returns to cover the depth and breadth of the next of generation RNAs, including circular RNA, self-amplifying RNA (saRNA) and beyond from discovery to clinic and towards scalable manufacturing, unlocking the huge therapeutic and commercial potential of this emerging class of modalities.

Join 120+ expert leaders in Discovery, R&D, Engineering, Preclinical Translation and CMC from the key stakeholders pioneering advances in RNA technologies and continue to fast-track these next generation therapies into the clinic, and towards patients faster.


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A Snapshot of the 22+ World-Class Speaker Faculty:

What To Expect

Enhance characterization, safety and potency to develop and manufacture effective self-amplifying RNA therapeutics for patients with input from Johnson & Johnson, Replicate Bioscience & Strand Therapeutics

Unlock the widespread potential of RNA therapeutics with improved sequence design, target selection and in vivo delivery with insights from Atomic AI & Sanofi

Overcome quality and scalability hurdles to increase clinical success of circular RNAs towards patients in need with input from Orbital Therapeutics & Sail Biomedicines

Successfully develop first-in-class next generation RNA therapies with groundbreaking potential to treat “incurable” diseases with insights from NoctuRNA Therapeutics, Circio & Pfizer

Learn from diverse platforms to address shared hurdles, differentiate pipelines and enhance next generation RNA strategies towards regulatory approval with input from John Hopkins University, Rothwell Figg & Capstan Therapeutics

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