Stay Ahead of the Curve with Novel RNA Therapeutics that Offer Exceptional Stability & Durability Whilst Addressing Key Delivery, Pharmacology & Scalability Challenges to Successfully Translate Safe & Effective Next Generation RNA Therapeutics into the Clinic 

Returning May 20223 | Boston, MA

Welcome to the Next Generation RNA Therapeutics Summit

Trailblazing Superior RNA Therapeutics of the Future

Built with biopharmaceutical industry insights, this in-person conference will delve into novel and emerging RNA therapeutics and vaccines such as self-amplifying mRNA vaccines, circular RNA therapeutics and tRNA-based gene therapies for discovery and translation of novel modalities that offer superior targeted delivery, selectivity, durability, and scalability compared to the current generations.

Don't miss 20+ pioneering speakers from large pharma, innovative biotech, and KOLs of academia who are shaping the landscape of next generation RNA therapeutics for the scientific community worldwide.

Join us in Boston to hear expert speakers address key topics including:

RNA flavicon

The current state of play and future of next generation RNA therapeutics

RNA flavicon

Next generation RNA therapeutics and vaccine modalities

RNA flavicon

The latest advancements of next generation RNA formulation and delivery strategies

RNA flavicon

How companies are innovating immunotherapy approaches through next generation RNA therapeutics

RNA flavicon

Toxicology, pharmacology and scalability challenges

2022 Expert Speaker Faculty:

Andreas Kuhn

Senior Vice President - RNA Biochemistry & Manufacturing


Gopi Shanker

Chief Scientific Officer

Tevard Bioscience

John Androsavich

Global Head - RNA Medicine Lead


Susan Goody

Director & Head of Toxicology

Moderna Therapeutics

Alex Wesselhoeft

Founder & Director of Molecular Biology

Orna Therapeutics

Anna Blakney

Assistant Professor

University of British Columbia

Mathieu Ghadanfar


Ziphius Vaccines

Nathaniel Wang

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

Replicate Bioscience

2022 Partners:

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